Feral dogs killing spree

We have received a worrying report from Lion Guardian Koikai. He says that feral dogs are killing young goats in his area and that so far the dogs have managed to kill more than seven animals in less than two weeks.koikai_cellphone.jpg

The community has asked Koikai to try and solve this problem for them, before they take the law into their own hands and kill the dogs themselves using poison. This would be very bad news for wild carnivores in the area that might eat the poison too.


We have been hearing this threat more and more from the local community lately. It seems that poisoning is the easiest way to get rid of any animal that is causing problems for livestock. We hope the community will be patient and will allow the Lion Guardians to solve the problem by other means before they resort to this hazardous way of destroying the dogs.


  • Annie says:

    Oh gosh! Please come up with some idea…………do not let them use poison that would be a disaster for the other wild animals! I wish you luck and hope something can be resolved!

  • sauwah says:

    feral dogs are big problem not only for livestock, they are really bad for the wildlife too . feral dogs do attack any animals and tear them apart just like wild dogs. what makes them bad is they are NOT wild animals and might transmit diseases like rabbies and distemper to local wild animals like lions, leopards and etc.. and they do breed fast.

    the feral dog population must be taken out and be under control . more importantly dog owners must keep their dogs within their homes instead of letting dogs run wild! dogs that are running wild in the west of united states have made a lot of damage to both wildlife and livestock. they have reported attacking the endangered long horn sheep and livestock . these dogs are either abandoned by their bad owners or their owners letting the dogs run freely along with other dogs. once dogs form a pack, they are harmful and deadly to other animals both wild and domestic.

  • I agree Sauwah, this feral dog population must be controlled, before they kill more livestock and spread disease. I am told that this process is now underway. I’ll update you when I hear any more. I’m sorry to hear that there is a similar problem in the US.

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