Lion Guardians coordinator Eric writes about the return to calm and normality after what has been a hectic and difficult time for all of us:

After the recent tragedies on Mbirikani Group Ranch with the deaths of the lionesses Narika and Mbeuti, we are proud to announce the return to normality in the ecosystem. Stakeholders within the Amboseli ecosystem, Kenya Wildlife Service, Lion Guardians, Maasailand Preservation Trust, and the community have all contributed a lot of effort to restore order. A series of vitally important meetings were convened in different corners of the ecosystem to bring the situation under control.

lion guardians nemapakai and friends

The political interest that reached boiling point last month has now been strategically but diplomatically nipped in the bud, and we are confident it will not resurface in the near future. Misunderstandings between stakeholders and Group Ranch officials were exhaustively addressed in a cordial and peaceful atmosphere where respect reigned supreme. All issues that were the bone of contention were isolated, addressed, and eventually agreed in an environment of give and take. Measures were agreed to prevent such things happening in the future, all with the consent of the community and its leaders.

lion guardians lioness

This has clearly been a period in which the strength and characters of stakeholders within the ecosystem were severely tested. However, we stood firm in the face of what looked like insurmountable challenges. We knew what was at stake. The fate of lions was in our hands. The lions were innocent despite the gravity of their actions – killing the Maasai’s invaluable remaining livestock. Indecisiveness would have proved costly and so we acted in the best manner and way we could, for the sake of the lions we knew so well.

lion guardians young lion

This whole situation, as painful as it is, leaves us wiser than before and we will use it to face other challenges in the future. We thank you for your support during this difficult time, and we all look forward hopefully to a future where lions and Maasai live together peacefully once again. Now that things are returning to normal we will be able to bring you more updates on the progress of the Lion Guardians and the lions we are continuing to monitor, and we thank you for your patience over these last weeks, when reporting to you has become difficult.

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  • Pirjo

    Thank you so much for these words of hope! This is what we really need to hear in the middle of so many bad news involving environmental disasters. I have always had faith in the work you do and know you will protect the lions the best way you possibly can.

  • Brenton H

    Wonderful to hear the positive news from the Group ranches.

  • Laila

    That’s such good news Eric. Since Zeina, Aly and I came back from our wonderful stay with you all at your camp , I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear good news. I sincerely hope that the great work you are all doing can now continue. Love to all especially Leela and Steph

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