The Lion Guardians’ model is adaptable to different places, cultures and carnivores. We have designed a training program so that those interested can learn from our experiences and implement an effective conservation initiative that will benefit both people and wildlife.
Lion Guardians has been conserving lions and preserving cultures since 2007.


Training for Project Managers

This five-day course helps project managers and directors set up and maintain conservation projects based on the Lion Guardians model. Participants gain an in-depth understand of the model and how it can work in their context through lectures, facilitated discussions, and activities in the classroom and the field.

    Training for Guardians

    This four-day course is meant for newly-hired Guardians. Participants receive in-situ training to understand their job, build their skills, and address challenges. The training team includes tenured Guardians who answer questions and engage in discussions with training participants.

      Community Visits

      This three-day visit introduces influential and diverse community members to the Lion Guardians model. If you are developing a Lion Guardians-based project, the visit should take place before your project begins since clear understanding and genuine support from your community’s leadership are critical from the start. Up to 20 community members can participate, along with the project manager and/or director. Participants will learn about the Lion Guardians model in the classroom and the field, and through hands-on activities and discussions.

        Lion Guardians Certification

        Lion Guardians is becoming well-known for its high standards, rigorous methods and proven conservation track record. Lion Guardians certified projects will benefit from use of the Lion Guardians name and logo, support in fundraising, senior management support, in-situ training and annual visits from Lion Guardians team members. To maintain certification, we have created thoroughly-tested, measurable standards to which we hold both ourselves and certified projects to.