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Impact of severe climate variability on lion home range and movement patterns in the Amboseli ecosystem, Kenya

H. Tuqa, P. Funston, C. Musyoki, G.O. Ojwang, N.N. Gichuki, H. Bauer, W. Tamis, S. Dolrenry</M. Van’t Zelfde, G.R. de Snoo, H.H. de Iongh – Global Ecology and Conservation

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Carnivores, culture and ‘contagious conflict’: Multiple factors influence perceived problems with carnivores in Tanzania’s Ruaha landscape

Amy J. Dickman, Leela Hazzah, Chris Carbone, Sarah M Durant – Biological Conservation

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Efficacy of Two Lion Conservation Programs in Maasailand, Kenya

Hazzah L., Dolrenry S., Naughton L., Edwards C., Mwebi O., Kearney F., Frank L. - Conservation Biology

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A Metapopulation Approach to African Lion (Panthera leo) Conservation

Dolrenry S., Stenglein J., Hazzah L., Lutz RS., Frank L. –


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