2019 Homeward Bound Program – Stephanie Dolrenry

2019 Wildlife Warrior – John Merishi

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Lion Guardians

Marcus Westberg, bioGraphic, April 2017

Living with Lions
Living With Lions

David Quammen, National Geographic August 2013

BBC "Africa" Series - Episode 6 - The Future Presented by Sir David Attenborough
BBC “Africa” Series – Episode 6 – The Future

Presented by Sir David Attenborough
Original broadcast February 2013

Lion Guardians: Kenya’s Iconic Predators Find Some Unlikely Allies – Marcus Westberg, Africa Geographic, September 2018 (published previously in bioGraphic)

Why Poison Is a Growing Threat to Africa’s Wildlife – Edwin Dobb, National Geographic, August 2018

Guarding Lions – Georgia Woodroffe, Voices for Biodiversity, July 2018

Lion Guardians – Why I Love Kenya, April 2018

Lion Guardians Celebrates their First Decade – Tamara Britten, Fly Safarilink, Jan – Mar 2018

Lion Guardians – Marcus Westberg, Biographic, April 2017

Proving the Exception: Coexistence between human and lions is possible – Salisha Chandra, National Geographic Blog, December 2015

Lion populations to halve in most of Africa in next 20 years – Rachel David, New Scientist, October 2015

Homegrown African solutions to Elephant Poaching – Fred Nelson, National Geographic Online, October 2015

Small but not silent – Salisha Chandra & Jessie Davie, Stanford Social Innovation Review, October 2015

Majestic Horizons – Waris Ahluwalia, Porter Magazine, Winter 2018

Out & About: On a Mission to Count Lions – Rupi Mangat, Daily Nation, 01-Mar-19

Tradition-inspired programmes to safeguard the lion – The Standard, Kenya 1 July 2012

Researchers Are Using Facial Recognition Software To Save Lions – Marissa Fessenden,, 01-Jul-15

Lion facial recognition debuts in Africa – Millie Kerr, Scientific American, June 2015

Lion Guardians turn hunters into protectors – Julie Kalius, Grind TV, October 2014

CNN: 5 can’t-miss Tanzania experiences – Jordan Bissel, CNN, October 2014

Can Mock Hunts Save Lions’ Lives – Stephanie Dloniak, ENSIA, February 2014

How long will the lions roar? – Anthony Ham, The Age March 2013

Guarding the Predators – Julie Peek, Spring/Summer 2012, In Common Magazine – Nelson Institute

National Geographic Weekend – March 12, 2011

Guardians of the Lions – Anthony Ham, Africa Geographic – Vol.20 No.4 May 2012

Lion Guardians project led by Nelson alumna wins St Andrews Prize for the Environment – May 2, 2012, The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Keystone Ladies: A few of the women fiercely defending ecosystems the world over. – Julia Whitty, May/June 2012 Issue, Mother Jones

The Lion Saver: Leela Hazzah – Vogue, Eve MacSweeney, November 2009

Danger Junkies – Marie-Claire, Abigail Pest, August 5, 2009

Southern Kenya’s Maasai tribe, lions locked in battle – Rob Crilly, Special for USA TODAY, USA Today, August 2006