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The Lion Guardians approach is rooted in science and we continue to use this foundation to develop innovative solutions to human-wildlife conflict issues within changing contexts. In order to keep abreast, with changing times, we have developed a comprehensive research agenda centered on 11 focal topics, each with specific questions to be answered in order to inform carnivore and community conservation at the broadest scale.

  • Monitoring Methods

    What are the most effective (low cost, less time investment) methods for monitoring lions and other carnivores on community lands?

  • Coexistence

    What is the coexistence continuum? And how do we achieve coexistence at the appropriate level for people and carnivores and then maintain it?

  • Connectivity & Corridors of Tolerance

    What impacts can conservation efforts on non-protected areas and development of broad-scale monitoring tools have on lion conservation?

  • Conflict Mitigation, Patterns of Depredation & Problem Animals

    With a clear comprehension of the various aspects of conflict, can we more effectively mitigate and reduce lion depredations?

  • Wildlife Killing Motivations & Intentions

    How are traditional values changing and are these changes having impact on wildlife conservation effectiveness?

  • Community Conservation Models

    What are the components of community conservation programs? How do we reduce the risk of poor implementation of conservation models?

  • Societal components to conservation

    What motivates local community members to engage in conservation?

  • Changing Culture & Attitudes

    How do the shifts from traditional beliefs (e.g a move towards Christianity) effect people's attitudes and propensity to kill lions.

  • Lion Demography in Human Landscapes

    Through a better understanding of problem lions as well as the adaptations of the species to conflict & humans, can we more effectively conserve them?

  • Traditional Knowledge

    Can conservation and monitoring that combines conventional scientific methods with traditional knowledge (TK) be more effective? Explore the "added benefit" of TK to conservation.

  • Technology in Carnivore and Community Conservation

    How to apply cutting edge technology carnivore conservation to make it more effective across border areas?

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