I can smell home like the rain when it’s about to fall…

I am still here at Oxford University, but I am counting the weeks before I return home after my course. This puts a smile on my face as the weather here is starting to be chilly as the winter approaches! I can’t wait to meet my family and friends again and most importantly the Lion Guardians who have themselves travelled so far to make a difference in our community.


I have been remembering my time with the Lion Guardians, from the sad moments when we lost the Guardians’ favourite lion Sangale to poisoning, to the numerous happy moments when we shared goat roast to celebrate the success of saving lots of other lions from killing by villagers. The happy thing is that I will be coming back soon to share my experiences from one of the worlds leading universities with the Lion Guardians.


It has been a tough time, but with prayers and wishes of good luck from both my blog fans and the Guardians I have been well. I will try to do one more post before leaving Oxford I as bid farewell to some of my friends I made here in the University. Here I am cycling to classes!


For our blog readers it’s you who made this journey a successful one, even during this time when the economy is down you are still with us. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

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  • Amy

    Antony — Wonderful to hear from you! All good wishes for your success!

  • sauwah

    so happy to hear from you. and i was just wondering how you were faring over there. i bet you miss your friends, family members, your lions and the Maasailand. more photos please.

  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona

    Good to hear from you Antony. Your smile is still wonderful! Can’t wait to hear about your time at Oxford.

  • paula

    Hi Anthony, well everyone knows about you know that I’ve told them your story at Poptech!

  • Timi

    Humidness makes the chill even worse. So different from Kenia! You must be more than homesick. I wish you all the best on the home run of the course.

  • Sonja

    So great to hear from you again Antony! I know you bring all of your knowledge and skills to profound use when you return to Kenya and The Lion Guardians!

    “Busa Simba Iyo!”


  • Reply

    Glad to hear about your adventure! Hoping that you post more of it soon. God bless!

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