An Inspiring Story of Giving – A Letter from Ernie

Dear Lions Guardians Family,

My relationship with Lion Guardians began with an introduction several years ago from a Board Member of the Kenya Wildlife Trust organization who felt the Lions Guardians conservation mission and management team deserved consideration for my support. I had already started several years earlier supporting other aspects of African Wildlife Conservation in Kenya and my friend thought also assisting the Lions Guardians team with their mission, would be an important addition to the overall conservation of the wildlife ecosystem both in Kenya and throughout the entire African continent.

Following his introduction I communicated with Leela and Stephanie and made plans to visit their headquarters outside the Amboseli National Park. Four years ago these plans came to fruition and during a visit to Kenya I was able to fly out to the Lions Guardians headquarters and spend two days immersing myself in the vision for the mission of Lions Guardians . Besides reviewing and getting a thorough understanding of both their present and long term strategic plans supporting the sustainability of their mission I was also fortunate to accompany a Guardian as he located located lion tracks and then started the long process of tracking this lion. Following my visit I have continued with joy to support the mission of Lion Guardians receiving each year a most professional annual and interim quarterly reports with updates on the progress of the organization and plans for its future growth and sustainability. As conservation articles recounting the present plight of the overall lion population in Africa have continued to surface I believe it is more important than ever to encourage the conservation of the existing lion population; thus providing sustainability to the overall biological community living in the wild. With over 10 years of successful growth, management and significant research compilation, I believe the Lions Guardians organization deserves significant support as “a conservation organization dedicated to finding and enacting long term solutions for people and lions to coexist across Africa”.

Respectfully Yours,

Ernie Burgess

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