Another elephant speared

Barely two months after a female elephant was found speared and had to be put down because of her injuries, another female elephant has had to be taken away from her misery. She had a very badly swollen front foot that had rotten up to the bone. We are told she had been speared because she was raiding farms to find water.


When I visited the elephant to see the extent of her injuries, she could not even run away or attack anything. She was really suffering and one could not help but sympathize with the poor animal.


Such incidents are bound to arise with the continuing drought here, with people and wildlife competing for the same small amount of water. The only things we can do are hope for rain and try to intervene before sad conflicts like this arise.

At the moment there are only 9 Lion Guardians covering a huge area of over 1200 km² so we cannot attend to all places and communities to prevent attacks like this, but we do our best.

Thank you for all your help and support for the Lion Guardians. Your support and donations fill us with hope for the future.


  • Sonja says:


    It’s upsetting to hear of these spearings as well as cattle predations by the lions, but I know you’re all doing your best. Keep up the dedicated work.

    PS – that first photograph is especially compelling.


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