As usual at the end of this month we will be holding our Lion Guardians monthly meeting. This is where all the Guardians come to camp and discuss what has happened in their area over the past month – if there have been any problems with carnivores, and what they have done about it, how they have helped their communities to prevent conflict and any other news from their zone.

It is also a chance for the Guardians to raise any points they may have about the program – they are involved in all the decisions that are made about how the program is run. They also get really excited about looking at the blog and all the comments and donations that have been made over the month.


This month, we would also like to interview a few of the Guardians and post the video clips on the blog. We thought it would be a great idea to ask you, the blog readers, if you have any questions you would like us to ask the Guardians, now that you have met them all.


If you have any questions for the Guardians please leave your comments below. If you have a specific Guardian in mind for your question make sure you tell us too! We are looking forward to hearing your questions!

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  • Annie

    I was just wondering what is the guardians favorite part about their job? I am sure working so closely to the lions is totally awesome….but what drew them to the change I guess in becoming a guardian? Thanks


  • Jeff Spindel

    Is Antony as popular with the women in Kenya as he is with the women in America ?

    When is Antony coming back to America to see his American brothers and sisters ?

    Can Antony talk about his feelings on the differences between the way Maasai treat their cattle and what he saw of how Americans treat
    cattle ?

  • Paula

    My question is for the oldest guardian….does the Masai Community respect the work of the guardians, and the philosophy that the Lion Guardians are promoting? Or is the heroism associated with killing lions worth more to the macho reputation of the moran? Can killing lions become ‘uncool’ amongst the Masai?

    My second question is for Anthony. How many lions have you and your guardians saved? Is it enough? What are your greatest challenges (what keeps you up at night)?

  • Ann

    Paula’s questions are good, i would also like to know how the numbers of lions killed over the past few years is changing, if it is changing in your region, and is your program doing any good in keeping lion numbers up or at least stable? do you have enough information to do stats for us, or is more time needed in the program?

  • lionguardians

    Great questions everyone. Any more?!

  • Pauline

    My question is…Do the Lion Guardians have contact with murrans from other neighbouring areas and do they learn what other murrans think of the scheme?

  • Chris

    I hope this isn’t an impertinent question. In an earlier photo of a group of murrans, they all had long hair…but none of the guardians do. Is this an age thing, a ceremonial thing, a marriage thing?

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