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If you are a member of Facebook you may have already joined the Lion Guardians Cause – if not click here to join! Now the Lion Guardians have a Facebook Page too, where you can become a Fan of the Lion Guardians, keep up to date with all their goings on via Facebook, and spread the important work of the Lion Guardians to all your friends too! Click here to visit our page and become a fan. And what’s more you can follow us on Twitter too! Get regular tweets from the Lion Guardians team with all the latest news as it happens!


Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Lion Guardians recently, especially those of you who are sponsoring Guardians. With your donations you are paying the Lion Guardians’ wages and helping pay for the equipment that is needed every month to keep the project running. Your support is invaluable. And please help us by spreading the word even further on Facebook and Twitter!

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