Conflict increases between lions and livestock

Hello to all our readers, and sorry the Lion Guardians blog has been quiet for a while. We are all extremely busy right now, as conflict between lions and livestock owners is at an extremely high level at the moment, especially on Eselenkei and Olgulului Group Ranches. The Guardians and Coordinators are working hard to calm angry morans and livestock owners, find out which lions are causing the problems and tracking them to make sure we are aware of their whereabouts, to warn herders of their presence.


The Guardians, and scouts from Selenkay Conservancy have even been involved in calming a number of situations where morans have been angry at the loss of their livestock. We are very grateful for the hard work the Lion Guardians and the Selenkay Conservancy scouts are putting it in at this tense time.


We think that the reason that  there are so many attacks on livestock is that as the land is now drying up again a lot of the wild prey has now moved back to Amboseli National Park, meaning that the majority of prey left is cows, sheep, goats and donkeys. The lion families are also splitting into smaller groups, which means that there are more separate attacks, and more angry livestock owners. Often the lions are not having time to eat any of the animals they have killed before being chased away, so they must strike again in a different boma to find food, causing yet more havoc and anger.


We will keep you updated on the situation as well as we can. Thank you for reading and for your support.

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