Elephant chases lions and other animal activity!

During our expansion to Southern Olgulului, on the way back from a visit to Amboseli National Park’s headquarters we found a baboon acting like a traffic policeman! He was sitting in the middle of the road and stayed there for half an hour with vehicles passing right by him. It was a fascinating sight. You could see that all the visitors were excited by this funny sight too!

Not far away we saw 2 very big male lions and two females that had killed a buffalo. Tens of hyenas were still on the carcass. One of the most important things we noted is that wildebeest and zebra – the primary prey of lions, are now back to the Park in plenty. This must explain the current reduction in lion-livestock conflicts in the area.

Then, on our way to camp, and from a distance, we saw 3 female lions resting in the sun. Only one of them made the occasional lifting of the head, and the rest were happily resting, oblivious of what was closing in on them. A male elephant was now approaching the 3 female lions, one of which was our collared female Nempakai, who we had tracked earlier from a hill.


The bull was now closing in on the lions and everybody present was eager to see what would happen next. But luckily for them, one lion spotted the elephant and alerted the rest of them and they all suddenly jumped up and dispersed into different directions just at the time when the elephant charged towards them!


The lions then moved off and settled down again and continued to sleep, showing no interest whatsoever and probably wondering what the problem was with this elephant that was trying to start a fight unprovoked! On realizing no one was interested in him, the bull went back to his herd, walking off as if nothing had happened!


  • Anna M says:

    Maybe just checking in making sure they know who is the boss on this occasion…! looking at the green grass he has some added energy to spend perhaps.. thank you for posting this uplifting news story….

  • sauwah says:

    Did the lions finish their kill and abandoned it to the hyenas? Elephants are known to be bullies to all other animals any way especially around water. they have chased other animals like hippos and rhinos away. some rhinos have been killed by some aggressive bull elephants. so if one is a small animal and is dying of thirst, too bad. naturally having lions and other predators are bit. worse off.

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