Lion Guardians report more new lions!

Today it was the monthly Lion Guardians meeting. All the Guardians arrived to tell us about their news from each of their areas. Lion Guardians Koikai and Melubo reported that they have been finding some collared lions that usually live on our neighbouring ranch Kuku over on our ranch recently. They come over every few weeks, but they have been known to kill livestock in the past, so we hope they do not cause any problems over on our ranch when they visit.

Lion Guardian Mokoi told us he has a pride of 7 lions in his area, and that none of them have collars! These lions might have come over from Amboseli National Park to look for water. Mokoi will keep monitoring this pride to see where they go.

Kapande has been tracking our collared male Kesayou and his two companions and Olubi has told us of a new lion that was drinking water in a place called Isinet, where no lions have been seen for the last 20 years!


We then spent some time training the Guardians with a new form we are giving them, which they will start working on in the next few weeks. We are going to use the forms to estimate the number of predators and prey in their areas, so that we can have a better idea of the population of lions and other animals. The Guardians will fill in these forms every week, so we can see trends over time. Here Lion Guardian Ritei works on his form.


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