I woke up this morning feeling full of energy. Yesterday I was wearing my traditional Maasai clothes – brightly colored cloths called shukas, and adorned with beautiful beads.


I thought of my important position as Assistant Director of the Lion Guardians program… and that gave me an idea. I put on some smart trousers and a shirt and I borrowed a tie from one of my work mates. After putting on everything I noticed that I was missing one thing; a fat tummy. Most senior people in Kenya have big tummies, so I took a fleece and folded it up and put it inside my shirt. I looked like a proper Kenyan business man!


I took a walk around our neighborhood and everybody was falling about laughing….! I hope I made some peoples’ day!

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  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona

    Antony – Your ‘tummy’ photo is great! You have a very good sense of humor along with a wonderful smile. You look just as important in your Maasai outfit :>)

  • Paula

    The tummy is one thing, expression says it all. Kitu kidogo! Asante, You made my day with those two photos.

  • Lisa, Seattle

    Too funny!

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