Male lions cause Lion Guardians to worry as cubs go missing

We recently received a report from one of the Lion Guardians that several male lion tracks had been found together on Mbirikani. We wanted to know who the individuals were and quickly went to investigate. On reaching the site, we found a lion party in progress! Three very big male lions and two females were feeding on a zebra. It transpired that the three males were Kasayo, Ndelie and Lormanie and the females were Nemasi and Elikan! What an interesting group of individuals! Selenkay, who can usually be found with Elikan, and the four cubs of Lomunyak, that belong to Selenkay and Elikan were nowhere to be found. This was very worrying, especially with these males in the area, none of which are the father of the cubs. Our worry was that they may have killed the cubs. Here are some of the lovely cubs of Selenkay and Elikan.



The vultures and the jackals were kept at bay the whole day…Kasayo and Elikan seemed to have been assigned this task which they undertook efficiently. These males are so big that the same night, their roars which echoed throughout the area made prey species tremble in fear.

The next day we were desperate to find out what had happened to Selenkay and the cubs. Where were they? Were they ok? We hoped nothing had happened to them. Why was Elikan not with Selenkay and the cubs? For two days we had the Lion Guardians on high alert, looking for the tracks of one female and four cubs. Eventually, we got a report from Lion Guardian Mokoi, that he had found the tracks of a female, and some smaller tracks. We rushed to the scene and eventually found Selenkay and the cubs all together, alive and kicking, and looking extremely healthy. We knew then that the male lions were innocent! Thank goodness they are all safe and well! Here is a photo of Selenkay and the cubs.


We will keep you updated on the progress of these lions, and their seemingly ever-changing coalitions as we get reports in from the Guardians!


  • Sherri S. says:

    Whew! You had me worried with your dramatic beginning to the story. I’m glad that the cubs were all OK!

  • Sorry to worry you Sherri! We just wanted to add some drama to the blog. Imagine how worried we were until we got Mokoi’s report!!
    Thanks for reading!

  • PaulaB says:

    I too am most relieved! Lovely pictures, as always.

  • Pauline says:

    Well done Mokoi. Good tracking…and Phew!!!What a relief!!

  • Pirjo says:

    I had to rush through the text and hope for the best.. This blog is at times like a thriller and I can only imagine how it must feel for those of you who work for the project.

    So happy to see the cubs doing well. At what age will the cubs be safe from other males, or is there never a safe period in their lives?

  • The cubs will be safer when they are 1 and a half to 2 years. They have a little way to go yet!
    Thanks for all your comments!

  • sauwah says:

    I too was so worried for the missing cubs as i was reading the blog. you know something? besides blogging, the Lion Guardians should really write a book on what you have been doing for the lions and livestock owners. Now we know you are a good writer and sure have the ability to draw our attention and keep us in alert or alarm. and that is very good for a writer. I can just visualize a book on the life of a Lion Guardian or Guardians. You have all the characters needed for a good book, the villains or challenges like drought, diminishing wilderness, poachers, poisons, failed or misguided farming, foolish livestock owners) and the awesome background which is the Maasailand and its lions! Actually, I can see a fabulous movie!

  • Pirjo says:

    Sauwah, that is great idea! I know we are getting a bit carried away with this movie idea, but lots of wildlife movies and documentaries have been filmed and Lion Guardians would be a great choice for a movie.

    I’m still anxious to know how the two skinny looking cubs are doing on their own after losing their mother..

  • sauwah says:

    I too am worried for the well being of the two orphan cubs. Pirjo, you know Disney has made a film on lions and cheetahs in the Masai Mara reserve and it is called the big cats or something close to it. but i wonder what about the leopards? i hope the disney folks are doing a better job than the previous film on oceans ( boring with no interesting story line; but great photos ). story of lion guardians can be very good materials along with their better than life lions, leopards and other wild creatures in their natural habitat.

  • Norma A. says:

    Thank goodness nothing happened to them. Keep up the good work Lion Guardians! We love you!
    Wish I could be there to help!

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