Meet Ritei – one of our sponsored Lion Guardians

Ritei is one of those jolly murrans that find fun in everything they do. He is a dedicated Lion Guardian and a hard worker. He was one of the original pioneering Lion Guardians. His zone borders a neighbouring group ranch and a National Park to the East. It is located right up in the Chyulu Hills. Although no lions seem to have their permanent residence there, it is a favourite stopping point for many of them.


Leopards sometimes also wreak havoc in his zone. At one time things got so bad that Ritei and two other Guardians were forced to take up sentry work, trying to keep a marauding leopard out of the bomas in his zone.


The most outstanding characteristic of Ritei is his easy going, always joyful nature. Wherever Ritei is, there will always be laughter, no matter what hardships people are facing. He has a way of melting peoplesâ?? hearts with a winning smile and humorous approach to life. Ritei was the first Guardian to get sponsorship, thanks to his charm!


Ritei was very fond of the lion Sangale, the favourite of all the Lion Guardians. Sangale was sadly killed earlier this year, on a trip away from Riteiâ??s zone, where he was often a visitor.


  • TheTeach, Seattle says:

    Thanks for introducing these individuals and sharing with us their character and personality. I am sorry that Ritei lost his favorite lion friend, Sangale. I’m sure this type of loss is to be expected regularly with the lions at such high risk. It takes a strong person to commit to the care, but also accept and witness the high probability of loss; and yet the work of the guardians must go on after absorbing this inner hurt in the depths of the heart and soul. You are true men of great courage, compassion, and honor. You are “whole” people for you have not severed your spiritual connection to the natural world in which you live and work. Best Wishes.

  • Thank you for this inspiring comment. I will show all the comments to the Lion Guardians at our monthly meeting (and translate them for them!) They will be so pleased to hear that their work is being recognised.

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