New Lion Guardian stops potential wildlife killer

Samanya is our new Lion Guardian representing the Oloilalei area of Olgulului Group Ranch near Amboseli National Park. He lives and works in this low lying swampy area which is ideally home to several wildlife species. Samanya is quite young and shy but enormously friendly. The eagerness with which he undertakes his community work is unparalleled – he can often be found helping protect his community’s livestock, and attenuating any conflicts between people and wildlife which may arise.


Recently, one elder in Samanya’s community was very agitated after his only surviving donkey was killed by hyenas. He was understandably distraught and furious, and was threatening to leave out poison for the hyenas, which could have caused catastrophic consequences for the local wildlife, potentially destroying everything from the invertebrates to the vultures, hyenas and even lions.

When Samanya heard this, he went straight to elder and convinced him not to put down poison, promising instead to help fence the elder’s boma (livestock enclosure) to protect his other livestock, in exchange. The boma was fenced to a high standard and thankfully no poison was laid. What great work by Samanya! Despite his relatively young age he is able to convince his age-mates, as well as the elders in his community, not to harm wildlife.


He has a very likeable character and can easily understand all the new concepts and skills he is being trained in, despite his illiteracy status. His great tracking skills and ability to walk many kilometers without tiring are among his several other fantastic attributes. Welcome to the Lion Guardians team Samanya!


  • Rebecca, Australia says:

    Well done Samanya, thanks for saving the wildlife!

    Is there any way to confiscate the poison from people? Is it Furadan? How can we ever rest easy knowing that people are still keeping supplies of this horrible substance?

  • Dana, Arizona says:

    Personally I think Samanya is ‘smarter’ than many people I know that have a college degree. His passion for wildlife speaks volumes. Good job Samanya for convincing the Elder to put down his poison, and yes was he able to confiscate the poison?

  • Well done Samanya! It is worrying that there is poison still out there for people to use. On many occasions the Lion Guardians have been able to convince their communities that poisoning wildlife is not the answer, and many people have given up their poison, although the Lion Guardians do not have any authority to confiscate it themselves.

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Thank you Samanya for a job well done!! I hope you will be with the Lion Guardians for many, many years to come. The Lions need you!

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