Reuters visit Lion Guardians!

Yesterday the Lion Guardians were visited by Reuters, the world news agency. The crew visited Lion Guardian Mokoi’s boma where they were treated to tea and some songs from the mamas at the boma. Here are the Guardians swapping their news at Mokoi’s boma, while being filmed by Reuters.


The film crew talked to Guardians Mokoi, Olubi, Lenkina and Pilenanka about their jobs, and then went up a nearby hill to track collared lions Selenkay and Narika, who have recently been in the area. These lions usually reside on Eselenkei Group Ranch, but have recently been around the border between the two ranches, Mbirikani and Eselenkei.


After that, the Reuters crew went to a community borehole to see how the Guardians work with the local people, and found out what the community think about the project.


We hope that Reuters will bring the story of the Lion Guardians to the world, and that we will get many more readers of the blog, and more donations too! Now that we are going to hire 8 more Guardians in Olgulului, we are in great need of more funds so that we can pay their wages, and buy all the equipment that the Guardians will need to do their work.

Thank you Reuters for coming to help publicise our work!

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