School raises $400 for Lion Guardians

We are delighted to say that the cake sale organised by the children of Westbury House School in the UK was extremely successful and raised £211 (about US$400) for the Lion Guardians! We are all really grateful for their hard work and fundraising.


Your donation will make a big difference! It will go towards helping the Lion Guardians with their work-making sure that wild carnivores don’t come into conflict with the local people who graze their livestock in the same areas as them.

With this money we will be able to do things like pay the wages of the Lion Guardians, buy equipment that they need, (like aerials so more of the Lion Guardians can track lions), and many other things. It is the equivalent of sponsoring 5 Lion Guardians for a whole month (or one of them for 5 months)!


The more the Lion Guardians can help the community to live with lions, the more chance we have of saving them from being killed. So it not only helps the lions, but the community that live here too.

We have even been sent some photos of the wonderful cakes that were made and sold to raise funds for us. Look at this great cake that says Help Lions!




  • Sherri S. says:

    Way to go, Westbury House School! Great job!

  • Lisa, Seattle says:

    That’s exciting news. Good Job Westbury Students!

  • Paula says:

    FANTASTIC! Well done

  • sauwah says:

    great kids! good for them and for the lions of course!

  • Form 4 from Westbury House School in England says:

    R: Thank- you for the compliments about the cakes. We have enjoyed helping you.
    A: We would have sent you a piece of cake, but it would have gone stale!
    G: Thank-you to mums and dads for helping and encouraging us.
    P: Thank -you for having the web site.
    S: Thank- you for helping the lions.
    MS: We’re delighted that our donation makes a difference.

  • Annie says:

    How awesome…got to start these students out young to care for animals and others in the world…I think it is awesome!

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