Teacher Koikai

Koikai (Guardian from Olibili) and Melubo (Guardian from Oltasika) are two of the best Guardians at tracking lions. Recently they went out tracking for collared lions, using telemetry equipment. As both these Guardians (and Guardian Ritei) live near the border of Mbirikani Group Ranch, they have been asked to teach neighboring murrans scouts from Kuku group ranch on how to track and on how to use the telemetry equipment. Kuku borders Mbirikani to the south where Guardian Ritei and Melubo work. This area has good habitat for lions and it is close to where Sangale and Birdie were before they fed on the poisoned cow carcass. With the movement of collared lions into Kuku, it is important these scouts are able to help track them.
Here is Melubo tracking Nemasi, on his left is Ernest and hidden behind him is a scout from Kuku. Mt. Kili can be seen in the background. Right now, there are two collared lions in along the border of Mbirikani and Kuku; they are Manywele and Nosero.


Here is Koikai with his two students in the Chyulu hills, following a signal of Nosero.


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