The Lion Guardians would like to thank each and every one of you that has donated on our blog recently. We are sending out our deepest gratitude to:

Aleta W
Amy B
Anne C
Black C
Brenton H
Bruce L
Cindy C
Delineations (Kate A!)
Hashi H
Jacqueline H
Jessica F
John R
Joyce N
Katherine J
Lois C
Michael L
Pirjo I
Richard V
Ruth K
Samantha V
Sarah A
Sauwah T
Scott R
Sharon M
Sharon S
Sheri H
Susan C

What a long list of wonderful people who are all helping to pay the wages of the Lion Guardians, and keep this project running. The Lion Guardians on all 3 ranches are phoning in their lion reports daily, and helping their communities by finding lost livestock (Mokoi found over 40 lost goats recently!) and calming angry herders whose animals have been attacked by predators.


In this way, the Guardians are protecting the remaining lions, like the one in the photo above, in unprotected Maasai land outside national parks here in Southern Kenya.

Please help us by telling your friends about the Lion Guardians project, so they too can help conserve lions. It might take 5 minutes to send the link to 10 of your friends, and it takes even less time to make a donation!  

THANK YOU to all of you for reading and supporting our work!

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  • sauwah

    to Mokoi, job well done! 40 goats! wow! hope the owners of these goats were grateful to him and listened to his advise.

  • Sheri & Owen Hogle

    It is our pleasure. We wish we could do more.
    We are honored to be part of your work.
    Sheri & Owen

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