We have finally reached our target!

After the sad news about the lion killed in Tanzania, we thought we would bring you some good news… We have finally reached out target of $1000 that we need in order to hold the Lion Guardian Games! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated! We are thrilled that we will be able to go ahead with the Lion Guardian Games, which will be happening between Christmas and New Year on Mbirikani Group Ranch.


The different games that have been selected by the Lion Guardians from the 3 Group Ranches are Singing, Stick throwing, Spear throwing and Football. Each ranch had to choose their two favourite ‘Warrior Games’ that they wanted to compete in (i.e. the ones that they thought they would have the best chance at winning!) Though football doesn’t really count as a traditional Maasai Warrior activity, we thought it would be a great team game and lots of fun!


Mbirikani chose to compete in singing and football, Olgulului have chosen singing and spear throwing and Eselenkei have chosen singing and stick throwing. Obviously all three ranches think they are the best singers, so that will be a very interesting (and wonderful) competition! Click here to hear the Mbirikani Lion Guardians singing!

Here are the Eselenkei Guardians with their sticks at the ready!


We are very lucky that 2 film makers will be coming over to visit us and will film the Games, so we hope you will be able to see them and feel all the excitement of the Games in the future too!

Again, thank you so much for your donations, and we will keep you posted on how the plans develop!


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