60 minutes, new lion cubs!

We hope that a lot of people watched 60 minutes last night and are eager to find out about the lions here in Maasailand, and what the Lion Guardians are doing to save them. If you missed it you can watch it here, and view the comments about whether a poison like Furadan should be still sold here in Kenya, when in other countries it has been banned because of its dangerous nature. I believe there must be other ways for crops to be treated for pests, and we do not need to use the kind of control that can also kill lions, and even people!

I have some great news for you about our Mbirikani lions. Yesterday we had a second report of the three young lion cubs that Lion Guardian Koikai reported to us a few weeks ago! The cubs are still small, probably around 3 or 4 months old, and although we don’t have a photo of them, we are told they are around the size of these cubs below.


We went to track in the area that they were spotted in, and did not pick up any signal, so it seems like we have a new female on our ranch, as well as the new cubs! I hope we can find them again soon, and bring you some photographs. 


  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    Yes Antony I saw the show here in Phoenix. You and Mr. Simon had a very good interview!! I certainly didn’t like the fact that, when undercover, Mr. Simon could buy the Furadan and the shop keeper not even asking why he wanted it. I hated it when Mr. Simon asked what the Furadan is used for and the shopkeeper just laughed. $2.00 US for a bottle, such a little price and what a such LARGE destruction those little blue granules cause.

    How can the Kenyan Government deny that Furadan is NOT killing wildlife? What in the heck did all those vultures die from that they were tossing into the back of a pickup truck? Didn’t the followup say that Furadan is not being imported to Kenya now? Course there is still alot on store shelves.

    On a brighter note, happy to learn that there are some new cubs around. Let’s pray they don’t feast on any Furadan laced carcasess’s.

  • Christine C. says:

    Antony — you were wonderful…great interview!!

    Furudan for $2.00 would be laughable if it were not so tragic…It was sad to see Birdie and her mate again, they were so beautiful…I miss hearing about them 🙁

  • paula says:

    Hi Anthony, you were superb! Congratulations!

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