An update on our local lions

We have been receiving lots of reports from the Lion Guardians recently about their lion findings. Every time a Lion Guardian finds a track, hears a roar or is lucky enough to see a lion he must phone the report into camp, and now that it has started to rain a little, it seems the lions are moving around a lot, and are coming out of their usual haunts in the thick lava forests and out onto the plains. Here is a rare sighting of Kasayio and Nemasi out of the thick lava forest and in day light!


In the last week we have had the following reports: Today Mokoi found the track of one big male lion near to a road, and he also found the fresh kill of a zebra that the lion had made. He didn’t pick up a signal, so fingers crossed for a new big male in the area! We are currently investigating! Here is Mokoi – pleased with his findings!


Olubi also called today to tell us he had found the signal of lioness Narika, who is friends with Selenkay (the lioness we helped to re-collar last week). Yesterday Kapande found the tracks of a lioness walking from the lava towards some whistling thorns. In the past week Koikai told us that he had found the tracks of 3 lions, Olubi found a lion track heading towards a place called Namelok, Moikoi found the signal of male collared lion Ndelie and found the tracks of another big male lion heading towards Amboseli, and Pilenanka reported that collared male Kasayio is now with collared female Nemasi (see above photo!)

What a lot of lion activity for one week!


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