Another angry lion hunting party is stopped

Eric, the Lion Guardian coordinator on Eselenkei and Olgulului group ranches gives us the latest news from what is still a battlefield between lion and Maasai:

In what has become a daily occurrence over the last two months, our Lion Guardians team has yet again worked together with our conservation partners to stop a lion hunting party in Mbirikani Group Ranch. A lone lioness jumped into a boma, injured 2 goats, was chased away and within no time pounced again. She jumped into another boma, and most cows scampered to safety but one cow was not so lucky. It was seriously injured by the claws, weight and strong teeth of the lion. The lion left in its wake destruction and eventually death as all livestock injured died within a few hours of the attack.

angry lioness lion guardians

Sadly, the morans (warriors) decided to get revenge for their dead livestock. A group of 28 able-bodied men was on its way, their hearts and minds set on killing the lioness. It took a combination of all stakeholders and the Lion Guardian team for the lion hunting party to be stopped, amidst free flowing tears….a sign of the intense emotions and anger involved, as well as the strong attachment that the Maasai have for their few remaining livestock. Clearly, it was our persuasive diplomatic skills that won the day and for this our lions live to see another day.

Lioness Lion Guardians

Great efforts and resources are needed to address the great magnitude of challenges created by the last prolonged drought that brought an imbalance between predators and the plains game inside and outside Amboseli National Park. The last prolonged drought was an optimum time for carnivores. Now, they are completely desperate, and yet they have to survive. Meanwhile, Maasai morans are ready to use what they have used for years to protect their livestock…..the spear. I strongly feel that deep in my heart, the future of the pride that I am so much attached to is far from secure.


  • Curt says:

    Beautiful animals, but totally understandable on the part of the stockmen. We have a similar problem here (Oregon, USA) with cougars.

  • Beverly Garland says:

    I am continually inspired by this organization’s compassionate approach to settling human/lion conflict. Thank you for your work.

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    How horrible! I know the lions have to eat, but I also feel sorry for the livestock and the stockmen. What fantastic work the Guardians did to save the lioness! A deep, deep thanks for that effort.
    I thought I read a while back, where when livestock is killed by a lion there is a fund to pay the stockmen to replace the livestock? Is this still available? If not, could we send to a special fund for this purpose?

  • Thanks very much for your comments. Yes it is certainly a difficult time for everyone – the Maasai and the lions.
    There is a compensation fund run by the Maasailand Preservation Trust, who pay herders for their losses to carnivores.
    Thank you!

  • scott says:

    Dear Guardans, I cannot image how conflicted you must be, particularly at times like this where there are no “winners” only degrees of trouble and perspectives. Further, it was an act of sheer will and constitution on the part of the Maasai morans to turn back from the brink a mind bent on vengeance.

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