Another night time visitor at camp!

We’ve been having a bit of trouble in our kitchen at night. The bins keep being ransacked and rubbish strewn everywhere. Was this the work of the honey badger we had some trouble with in the last few months, or was the debris left by a different intruder? We put the camera trap up to find out! And here is the result!


It seems a porcupine has been causing the problems! Do you have any similar troubles in your kitchen?


  • Christine C. says:

    No porcupines, just ants…not sure what I (or the cats!) would do if we found a porcupine rummaging around in the middle of the night!

  • Pauline says:

    A hungry daughter raiding the fridge in the early hours, does that count?

  • sauwah says:

    no porcupines. just my cats and kitten for they have nothing to do and night time is also the cats’ play time.

  • Lisa says:

    No porcupines, but I once had a really large buffo frog living behind my fridge.

  • Great to hear about your night time visitors! None of them quite as spiky as ours. We now think there are four porcupines coming to the kitchen every night.

    Today the camp received visits from vervet monkeys, cows, a zebra and an impala, all searching for food during this extremely dry time.

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