Attempted break-in (by lions)

Yesterday it was reported to me that a lion was trying to break into people’s bomas (thorn branch enclosures where they keep their livestock) early in the morning. Thankfully the community managed to chase it away without harming it, and no livestock were injured either.


If the reports are true, it is worrying that this lion was trying to break into a boma, as it will surely anger and scare the community even if no cattle or goats were killed. We don’t have a photo of the lion, but here is one of our collared lions, Nempakai.  


I have not had this report confirmed by the Lion Guardians yet. Once they have visited the community we will be able to find out whether it was in fact a lion (sometimes if it is dark people mistake other carnivores for lions) and if it was, whether it is one of our collared lions or not. Stay tuned for the latest news!


  • sauwah says:

    yes, please do let us know what creature was it for the boma attempted break in. this is not good news at all. it might not be a lion as you said it was dark. what about getting the boma even stronger? or have couple barriers around that boma?

  • Annie says:

    Whoa!!!!!!!! Glad to know the lions didn’t do any harm this time…..I don’t want the people retaliating against them..such beautiful creatures!

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