Back in camp

I have just been at home visiting my family, and am now back in camp after spending six days away. It feels like I have been away for a whole month – especially because I don’t normally leave camp, not even for weekends, so now that I’m back in the office I don’t know where to start!

It felt strange to be home and things seemed quite new to me. But whatever may have changed at home, I know what I have been up to: helping my community and the lions that desperately need me.


Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, so I can’t introduce the person who has shaped my life and given me love whenever I needed it – the love from a mother that is always present when you need it. So instead I am posting photos of the lions that I work to save.


As I grow up one thing is clear in my mind. A message from my mum; one day you will be a great person. Just work hard in whatever you do and it will certainly pay off. This is the inspiration that I always have at the back of my mind, when I am working to help conserve the lions. Thank you mum; no one is like you.


  • sauwah says:

    thank you for your hard work; without you and your fellow lion guardians/warriors, where will the lions be?

    love to see pictures of your loved ones; especially your mom who has been giving you much support and love.

    so how is this lovely young lioness? your background? does she too have a family/pride? is she a mom or single? any sibling? do you any brother and sister? do they have the same interests as you?

    i see the blogs have been quite quiet lately from the low or zero comments lately.

  • Christine C. says:

    Hello Antony! Glad you were able to get home and see your family, but am equally happy that you are able to get back to the important work of the Lion Guardians…great pics of this lioness…same questons about her as Sauwah…

    Sauwah — I suspect the blogs might be getting lighter traffic because it is summer in many parts of the world now…lots of vacations and other things going on…the cold and damp are much better generators of blog readers I guess!

  • sauwah says:

    thanks. i do hope the usual visitors will come back soon. i do miss our exchange of opinions or inf.

  • Lisa, Seattle says:

    Antony, I just saw you on video on the National Geographic website. Pretty cool! I’m emailing the link to everyone I know.

  • sauwah says:

    antony,, i do have a question for you.knowing you know lions lot more than i. my question is can and will a female cub aged over one year but under sixteen months be able to survive on your own? i saw a female cub has been forced out by a new male and now is in hiding.

    her mother now is busy with this new boy in town. and all her relatives ( the pride of lionesses) are busy hunting on their own or mating with this bad boy. the only prey out there is the big mean and massive number of buffaloes. she is really skinny and her stomach is empty. all i say are her big paws and big head. since she is still a young one, she needs rich food to make her young body grow. and that means lots of fatty meat. i just hate to know she will starve to death like so many lions that are either too young, too old , too weak or too unfortunate to hunt down a good prey to eat. if she is lucky to catch some piglet, i am afraid her brother ( skin & bones ), or other invading sub adult male lions or hyenas will take it away from her.

  • Sauwah – in answer to your question: can a female cub aged over one year but under sixteen months survive on her own, without help from her mother or the rest of the pride and the only prey around is big buffalo? I suppose, the answer is, it just depends on how lucky she is. I agree she needs to have rich food to help her grow. Of course it is possible that she will be lucky, and will be able to catch a young buffalo, or some small prey, and can keep it to herself. I think you will just have to wait and see. We all hope she manages to survive. Please keep us informed!

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