Lion Guardians on National Geographic

Yesterday the story of our lions and the urgent need to save them was in the news, thanks to a press release from National Geographic. You can read the story on the National Geographic site, and also read about the new big cat fund that they have launched. There is also a video about the Lion Guardians on the National Geographic website, if you want to watch me and the Lion Guardians in action!


There are links to some of the different news sites that have run the story on the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation blog. It has featured on sites like FOX news, USA Today, ABC news and MSNBC. I hope this will lead to more people visiting this blog and donating money to the Lion Guardians program.


We have noticed less traffic on the blog recently, which also means fewer donations for us! Even though it’s the summer vacation time in many parts of the world, we still need the same amount of money to keep the program running! It was great to get some more comments on the blog – I’m really glad our hard work is appreciated. Where would we be without your support? Speaking of which, thank you to Peter P E for you donation.

I will try and take my camera to take a photograph of my mother when I go home next, and will tell you all about my family in another post – I have a big family, so there is a lot to tell!


And here is another photo of the lion, which is one of Nempekai’s pride of 10, which has been around the group ranch lately, but is now back in Amboseli National Park.


  • Wanda, Atlanta says:

    Kate Hudson has been on the news and is promoting hair products for the big cats and all of the news being stirred up is great for the lions — I hope people get back to blogging — probably into politics, summer vacations, etc.

  • Lynne, Arkansas, US says:

    Thank you for all the work you do, and thank you for taking the time to write about it! Those of us who live in other parts of the world would never know the status of the lions, or of the work being done if it were not for you!

  • Paula says:

    Congratulations guys, this is totally awesome!

  • Annie says:

    Thanks for all you do…………I will try to give soon!

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