Birds, snake, thank you…

Thank you to all our donors who have been so generous recently: Anne C, Lois C, Richard V, Black C, Brian M, Scott R, Cass N, Samantha V, Katherine J, Aleta W, Hashi H, Jia L, Kathleen W, Pirjo I, Jeremy W, Susan S, Jessica F and Loki Q. You have all helped the Lion Guardians with their work conserving our wild Maasailand lions in this last month, and we are all very grateful to you.

This monthly meeting where all the Lion Guardians get together to discuss their work, we were also able to give them a camera to use that had been donated by Sheri and Owen Hogle. Here is one of the photos they took of Lion Guardian Mokoi.


And here are some photos we got from the bird camera trap that was also donated to us by Sheri and Owen. Can you ID any of these birds that the camera picked up?






And here is another example of the variety of wildlife that we find at our camp. Can anyone identify this beautiful green snake?



  • Charles Alexander says:

    Here is an excellent resource for identifying Kenyan snakes:

    Click on the highlighted tan subtitles ( Blind Snakes, Worm Snakes, Cobras, Mambas etc.) for photos of each species.

  • Dana says:

    I’ll give it a go:
    1) Starling – Blue-eared glossy?
    2) Francolin-Crested?
    3) Weaver-White-billed buffalo?
    4) Weaver – some sort of?
    5) Spurfowl-Yellow-necked?

    Don’t do snakes – however if this is a dangerous one I’d like to know the name.

  • Dana says:

    Thanks Charles for the link. Couldn’t idenify this one tho. Man, some of the viper snakes are absolutely fasinating looking! Especially the gabon!!

    The ‘Saving Snakes’ blog has been quiet for a while. I hope that they are still around?

  • sauwah says:

    know nothing about snakes; i do root for them since most people are hostile to them regardless. some people even run over them on purpose when the poor thing is crossing the road. my guess is black momba! because it is the only name of snake i know and is feared by most.

  • Annie says:

    What cool pics!!!!

  • Chris says:

    I believe that would be the infamous Green Mamba!

  • Martin Odino says:

    Sorry for my belated attempt:
    1. Greater Blue-eared Starling
    2. Orange River Francolin
    3. White-headed Buffalo Weaver
    4. White-headed Bufalo
    5. Black-necked Weaver
    6. Yellow-necked Spurfowl
    7. Green Mamba

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