Celebrating Selenkay – World Lion Day 2017

At Lion Guardians, every day is “World Lion Day”….but today when all the world honors these wonderful and majestic creatures, we would like to share with you moments from the life of one very special lion, a warrior in her own right – Selenkay!

This year, as Lion Guardians celebrates a decade of conservation – Selenkay celebrates a decade of survival. She officially turned 10 in April of this year and as we reflected, we realized that her life’s journey has become synonymous with that of Lion Guardians.

Born in Amboseli National Park, she moved into community lands in April 2008, when she was but a year old. Since then, Selenkay has taught us much about lion behaviour. Her name means “Disobedient Girl” or “One who doesn’t listen to her father”. And over the years, she truly has tried our collective patience but also gained our utmost respect. A chronic livestock raider, Selenkay has forced us to come up with innovative techniques to mitigate conflict, even as she has survived and grown her pride under the most trying of circumstances.

Ask any community member on Eselenkei Group Ranch to name a lion and the most likely response is Selenkay. Today she is a living legend.

Read more about her here from a previous blog.

Happy 10th Birthday Selenkay (albeit belated)

Happy Decade Anniversary Lion Guardians

Happy World Lion Day.

Thank you all for your support in conserving lions and preserving cultures.

Enjoy the slide show of some key events from Selenkay’s life below.

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