Conflict increases between lions and livestock

Hello to all our readers, and sorry the Lion Guardians blog has been quiet for a while. We are all extremely busy right now, as conflict between lions and livestock owners is at an extremely high level at the moment, especially on Eselenkei and Olgulului Group Ranches. The Guardians and Coordinators are working hard to calm angry morans and livestock owners, find out which lions are causing the problems and tracking them to make sure we are aware of their whereabouts, to warn herders of their presence.


The Guardians, and scouts from Selenkay Conservancy have even been involved in calming a number of situations where morans have been angry at the loss of their livestock. We are very grateful for the hard work the Lion Guardians and the Selenkay Conservancy scouts are putting it in at this tense time.


We think that the reason that  there are so many attacks on livestock is that as the land is now drying up again a lot of the wild prey has now moved back to Amboseli National Park, meaning that the majority of prey left is cows, sheep, goats and donkeys. The lion families are also splitting into smaller groups, which means that there are more separate attacks, and more angry livestock owners. Often the lions are not having time to eat any of the animals they have killed before being chased away, so they must strike again in a different boma to find food, causing yet more havoc and anger.


We will keep you updated on the situation as well as we can. Thank you for reading and for your support.


  • Brenton H says:

    Thankyou for all of your work. Tell Kamunu that I think about him and his efforts to protect lions on Eselenkei.

  • Thanks so much Brenton – we shall pass on your greetings and support.

  • Kate Nicholls says:

    Please tell Melita I am thinking of him and I am grateful for his hard work and commitment. I spoke of him to a school in California yesterday and please let him know that friends from all over the world care about what he is doing.
    Your blog message ensures that we must all put our energies into getting sponsorship for more guardians.

  • Jimmy from Ireland says:

    I’m extremely alarmed at these latest developments given the terrible events of earlier this year. I have a few questions 1) Are these attacks happening during the day or night??

    2) Are the livestock protected in Bomas

    3) Depending on the answers to the above, is any work being done to strengthen bomas and/or to show the Morans Lion-safe ways of protecting their livestock

    4)Is their a livestock compensation scheme available??

    5)When are the rains due again??

    Thanx in advance

  • Thanks Kate for your vital support!

    Hi Jimmy. Thanks for your questions! Most of these attacks are happening at night, but there have also been a few day time incidents. The livestock are protected in bomas, but it still seems lions have been able to get in. Part of the Lion Guardians job is to strengthen bomas, so they do this in a systematic manner. There are compensation schemes in the area which aim to reimburse for livestock losses to predators. There is some rain in Kenya at the moment, but nothing here. It may come early in September, but usually it is around October – November time. Hope we have answered everything!

  • Pirjo says:

    Wishing from the bootom of my heart that you’ll be able to keep the situation under control. I know you are using your limited resources the best way you can, but the truth is that we need more lion guardians, who’ll carry on the message of how important it is to save these beautiful animals. We have to find a way to generate more funds for the expansion of the project.

  • susy says:

    è molto doloroso leggere queste notizie,e chiaro che i leoni sono allo stremo delle forze.La cosa che preoccupa di piu è la sorte dei cuccioli visto che il numero dei leoni è in continua diminuzione.Comprendo che la causa di questi conflitti è la terra secca, speriamo che i leoni e tutti gli altri animali riescano a resistere fino a che non arrivano le prime piogge.E’ rincuorante leggere di tutto quello che fate per mantenere stabile la situazione,grazie da mè e da tutti quelli che non possono essere partecipi con voi a queste operazioni anche se il desiderio sarebbe “GRANDE” nell’essere li con voi.Sapere che posso contribuire con una donazione mi fa sentire un pò partecipe alla causa,speriamo in un breve futuro le cose possano migliorare

  • sauwah says:

    i am sorry for such increase of attack by lions. will boar holes for wildlife be of any help to keep some wild prey around at all? i am surprised that the lions stay behind instead of following their prey.

  • Hi Pirjo and Sauwah – thanks for your comments.

    Sauwah – there are boreholes in the area, but it seems not enough to keep the prey from the swamps of Amboseli!

    Thanks Pirjo – you are right. We need to raise more money for the expansion of the project to Southern Olgulului. If any of our readers can help, please make a donation to the project through Panthera. Click on the link (top right) to be directed to their site and choose Lion Guardians for your fund allocation. Every donation helps, whatever size. THANK YOU!

  • sauwah says:

    will do! and once again, thank you for your work.

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