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Hello, Amy here. As Antony is out collecting forms from the Lion Guardians today I thought I would briefly switch careers from photographer/media stooge to estate agent and show you some of the fantastic features of our camp….

Here we have a delightful one bedroom residence, complete with a charming terrace area to the front of the property, as well as a convenient outdoor storage unit, perfect for placing lighting equipment, for your late night tooth brushing requirements. The residence also features handy outdoor clothes drying facilities. It does have the occasional night time visitor, but these unwanted guests are almost always friendly and simply require shoo-ing away with a bright torch.


The photograph below shows the bathroom facilities – complete with shower unit and toilet. The holes in the walls allow for great ventilation, and previous residents have only rarely reported having to share the facilities with spiders, scorpions, monkeys and other friendly visitors. Hot water is available on request.


The local area also features a fantastic office space, with all the mod cons needed in a contemporary working environment – desks, chairs, shelves, electricity and even the occasional internet connection. It also features a number of decorative carnivore skulls, Maasai spears, and even a guitar, for those reflective moments away from the desk. What more could the modern conservation worker require?



  • Pauline says:

    ….and the asking price???

  • Sue says:

    I stumbled upon a fantastic photo essay on lions, on protecting their environment with amazing pictures. Maybe its Kenya 🙂

  • Hey Amy! Do you guys ever feel a little claustraphopic, at night in camp? You must go through a lot of sunblock, during the day. The heat has to be a little oppressive as well! But the views, are priceless and the neighbors are very interesting. Thanks to all of you, for making these sacrifices, to help the lions.

  • Amy says:

    Hi Sue, thanks for the link. Great photos! Yes, perhaps it was in Kenya. We certainly have those same issues of habitat loss here.
    Theresa – yes it does get a little claustraphobic at times, but the amazing views of the Chyulu Hills around us help, and it certainly is a very interesting place to live! And being able to watch and take photographs of the lions we are helping to conserve makes it all worthwhile!

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