Good news – elephant no longer a threat

We have some good news for you about the elephant that was worrying the community in Lion Guardian Olubi’s area of work. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers from Amboseli have now visited the area and met with Olubi and were able to track the elephant. We are pleased to say that they confirmed he was well, and is now in a new location where there are no people. Olubi will continue to monitor the situation and I will update you if I have any more news.


The community is so happy that this situation has been resolved without any conflict or injury to themselves or to the elephant. Thank you all so much for your advice and suggestions. I hope you are also pleased that this problem has been solved.


  • Christine C. says:

    Fantastic news Antony!!! I too am happy that no harm came to either himans or elephant…I’ll cross my fingers that he satys on “his side” of the mara!!

  • Siggi, San Diego says:

    Wonderful news!!! Also a great thing for the community to see that if they need help with something like this, it can indeed be resolved. Great success!! 😉

  • Jan - Boston says:

    Antony – Thanks so much for posting this great news. Now the women will be able to safely go get their water and the kids will be able to return to school.

    I am delighted to hear that he moved off on his own and is apparently doing well without being speared. Kudos to you and the community in your handling of this touchy situation.

  • We are also very happy that this situation has been resolved. Thank you for your helpful comments and support.

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