Goodbye Antony!

Last week was a sad occasion for Antony and the Lion Guardians, as he held his leaving party in Mbirikani. But it was also a very happy day, as the whole community is so glad that Antony is going to Oxford to learn more about wildlife so that he will be able to further help his community and the wildlife of Kenya when he comes back.


People came from all over the ranch to celebrate and wish him well, and also to collect money together to help him in his new life in Oxford. Speeches were made to offer advice and congratulate him on this great achievement by many different people, including Lion Guardians Director Leela.


There was also a blessing by the elders, and of course a lot of food and drink to keep everyone happy!


We were all amazed by the fantastic generosity of the Mbirikani community, who despite the ongoing drought, and desperate conditions, managed to collect together over $700 to give to Antony to help him on his way. What an amazing gift, when times are so tough here.


Antony left Kenya yesterday, and we have heard he has now arrived safely in Oxford and received a very warm welcome. He promises he will write a blog very soon! In the meantime here is a photo of his arrival at Heathrow airport in London!




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