Help Us Build the Community Education & Literacy Center

In 2013, Lion Guardians inaugurated our Training Center in the Amboseli ecosystem. This year, we are adding a new building at the Lion Guardians Training Center, which will be used for community education and most specifically for adult literacy lessons. Guardians from across the ecosystem and our expansion sites will come and learn how to read and write and this new building will enable us to effectively train more individuals. As one of our newest Guardians said after completing the training: “I grew up in a traditional system where the two most important things were the stick and the spear. Now, this training has armed me with two additional tools, the pen and the book.”

Becoming literate empowers community members and enables them to become more effective conservationists and a much more significant impact on the ground.

Thanks to Future for Nature for putting together this fundraiser to help us collect the Eur 5,000 we need to build the new center. All funds raised will go directly towards the development of the Center.

It takes a community to conserve lions & preserve cultures – be a part of ours. Donate to the creation of the Community Education & Literacy Center and empower more community members to become effective conservationists by clicking here.


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