Identify this animal!

Today, we received a report from one of our newly selected Lion Guardians from Southern Olgulului – Parkepu. He saw a male waterbuck that was killed by a lone male lion in the morning. We promptly responded as is always the case. We went to the site and saw the carcass. The lion had only eaten a small portion of the meat. We instantly knew that he would come back later to finish it off, so we waited to find out who the waterbuck killer was.

We were not disappointed as eventually the lion strolled passed our car and onto the meat. He was an almost mature male with some mane. The Lion Guardians are keeping an eye on this male lion!

Then we went to meet Maen Koole, another of the new Guardians on the Kenya-Tanzania border and we were impressed with his good work. On our way back, deep into communal land, we saw some carnivores. There were two of them, but each going its own way. They actually might not have known each other’s presence. We don’t see these animals very often, so here is a quiz for our blog readers – what animal is this?




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