Injured giraffe

Yesterday when we were going out lion tracking in the early morning (still trying to see the elusive Nemasi and her cubs), we came across a giraffe with a badly injured leg. He was standing in the middle of the road and did not even try to run away when we drove towards him. He slowly walked off the road as we came closer.


We called the game scouts from the Maasailand Preservation Trust immediately to attend to the giraffe, whose leg was badly hurt. The poor giraffe could only walk very slowly, and could hardly stand on its front left leg.


We don’t know how it happened. It does not look like there was any human involvement. I will let you know what happens to this poor animal, but it doesn’t look too good for this giraffe.

When we got to a high point we tried to get Nemasi’s signal, but it was clear that she was well inside the thick lava forest. This lion is proving to be extremely hard to track down!


  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    So the giraffe was medically treated? The wound does look pretty bad – hope there will be a positive outcome.

  • Nicole says:

    Poor thing. Please keep us updated on the giraffe. Hopefully it was able to be saved and of course good luck with finding Nemasi and her cubs!

  • It makes me feel so good that mankin is changing it’s veiw on ” letting nature take it’s course!! We are the stewards of this planet. god gave us that, we have forgotten that Father Adam walked and spoke to all the animals. good for you keep up the good work! and god bless you .

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