Introducing another new Guardian!

Parkesian Ole Saitoti is our Lion Guardian representing the Meshenani zone. This is an area highly frequented by lions which wander outside protected Amboseli National Park and into potential conflict with the Maasai living in this area. It comprises a hilly area of thick bush  – a great place for lions to hang out!


Parkesian strongly symbolizes a typical traditional Maasai moran with all the physical attributes of a strong warrior. His absolute handsomeness and fantastic tracking skills mean he is well-liked and respected within his age-group.


His strong leadership qualities and influence amongst his age-mates make him a valuable asset to the Lion Guardians team both now and during the forthcoming transitional period, when the new age-group will come into warrior-hood.


In the future we expect him to work with the new young warriors, to persuade them to protect wildlife like he is now doing, rather than conflict with it.

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