Latest photos from our camera trap!

Here are the latest pictures from the camera trap we were kindly donated by Sheri and Owen Hogle from the Wild Bird Center in Utah. It was put at a water hole so that we could see what animals were visiting the area. Here are some of the animals that came:

Some very inquisitive giraffes…..


a number of elephants…..


and an oryx!


We still have not been able to capture any lions on the camera, but Lion Guardian Kapande reported seeing fresh tracks of a male lion this morning, so we are hoping to find this individual soon!


  • Brenton H says:

    Are Oryx common in the area? One thing fascinates me about Africa, is all the different species of antelope. Do Lions prefer ceratin prey or is it a matter of what is available or what opportunity arises?

  • Yes, there are certainly a lot of oryx about at the moment, seraching for grass. We are told that lions don’t like eating waterbuck..apparently they taste bad!

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