Life in camp

You canâ??t imagine that camp used to be for more than eight people – now there are just two people in it! Nights are so quiet that you could think we were the only people left on this planet! Our alarm – the Crested Francolin will call at exactly 6:30am making such a high sound that one has to get out of bed; sometimes coming very close to the tent.
The worst thing things is, Maria is going to be alone in camp until I come back from Nairobi. Here is a picture of our kitchen in camp, a lonely place now!

The reason camp is so quiet is because we are going to a meeting about the increasing use of a toxic pesticide called Furadan, and the poisoning of wildlife in Kenya. We hope this will be very interesting and useful for many wildlife conservationists in Kenya who will be attending this meeting in Nairobi.


  • Antony, we’re glad to hear the Lion Guardians will be represented at this crucial meeting. Hopefully, much good will come from it and you can share your thoughts afterwards, with us. Maybe Maria could have a relative or friend to keep her company, in your absence.

  • sauwah says:

    Hope your concern and voice will be heard and be turned into action by the herders as well as the government.

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