Lion attacks cows – we think we know the culprit!

Lion Guardian Melubo has reported that a cow has been killed and two others injured by a lion on a neighboring ranch, to the south of our camp. Melubo thinks that this attack was carried out by Ndelie, the male lion with the GPS collar, which allows us to monitor his movements on the internet.


We referred to the website that tracks Ndelie, and could see that he had indeed been around the area that Melubo reported the cows had been attacked.


Now that Ritei has found that the lions in his area do not have collars, Melubo has taken the receiver from him, so that he can find out where Ndelie is, so as to warn the community about possible future attacks on their livestock.

I am very glad you enjoyed the Lion Guardians’ answers to your questions. I will post some more of their video responses soon.


  • Wanda, Atlanta says:


  • Annie says:

    Thanks for tracking him and I also hope the farmers can put their livestock away so they don’t take this into their own hands!

  • sauwah says:

    he appears to be very young, a subadult. if he attacks livestock now, he just might continue in the future. there is no easier targets than domestic ones since they are raised by people and do not know the ways of the wild . unlike the tame ones, the animals in the wild have instincts and are often wise along with physical fitness.

    were those cows alone unattended? if so, that is not the young lion’s fault. meat is meat to a carnivore that must consume meat to survive.

  • Thankfully we have received no reports of retaliatory attacks on these lions. As you know if cows are left out at night there is a good chance they will be attacked if lions or other carnivores are in the area. Today we will report on another attack on cows by lions. The Lion Guardians will have to work hard to make sure their communities are not leaving their cows out overnight – this is happening more and more at the moment, as pasture is harder to find.

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