Lion Guardian Kapande

I know you are interested to hear more about my trip to Nairobi. I will write more about this after my journey back to camp, which I’m sure will be full of events too! Right now I want to tell you about how Lion Guardian Kapande is doing, as I think you will also want to hear about him. You may know he has been ill with appendicitis, and the readers of this blog have given very generously to support him with his medical expenses. I was so happy to visit him last week, just to see him and how he has been since I left him last in Nairobi hospital. Thankfully he was doing just fine, and his wound is healing. His wife is still at the clinic and according to Kapande’s mother she is doing ok. She delivered a baby girl.
The family is so proud of us all – the readers of the blog who helped raise funds for his hospital and expenses to Nairobi, and of myself for my little help I was able to give his family, especially his mother.

He is still weak- that is why I did not want to take a photo of him, but maybe in the next week he will have gained some health and I will be able to take a recent photo of him. In the meantime, here is Kapande before he became ill.


We would also like to say welcome back to Wildlife Direct to Seamus, who is now writing about his lion research with the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project. He will be giving you information about his fieldwork and research, and the biology of the lions that the Guardians are helping to protect.


  • Thanks for letting us know how Kapande is doing…I’m a little concerned he is so weak, though. At some point, let us know how much more is needed for his hospital bill. Tell him, from me, to please take it easy!No heavy lifting, so his wound can heal. Please, also convey my congratulations on the birth of his daughter. Good to hear that his mother, is supportive of him.

  • Fiona says:

    Antony, I just donated some money towards Kapande’s medical bills. It wasn’t a lot ($30) and I’ll try to donate more in May. There was no place to say what the money was for so could you make sure it goes to Kapande please? I

  • Antony says:

    Thank you so much Fiona. I will make sure that all money donated to Kapande will go towards his medical expenses. We are very grateful for your support.

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