Lion Guardians arrive in camp

Today the Lion Guardians are arriving for the monthly meeting, which will happen tomorrow. Some of them have to walk a very long way to get here; some have to come all the way from the other side of the ranch, so they are usually very tired when they arrive. But despite this they are helping out by collecting firewood for us. Here is Mokoi helping out.


We use the firewood to heat water to wash with, and the Guardians also take the opportunity to wash their clothes and shukas while they are here!


Tomorrow during the meeting we will be interviewing the Guardians, so today is your last chance to tell us if you have any questions that you would like the Guardians to answer!


  • Pauline says:

    Here is my last chance question:Antony, in June you wrote a really interesting blog about Maasai marriage. Well I have a question about that. Do Maasai brides regret being cut off from their families after marriage? Do they not want help from their mothers in child birth or child rearing? Perhaps there is a different support system in their new boma?

  • Lynne, US says:

    when a lion guardian has more than one wife, do they all live together and share the work responibilities, the husband, just everything? please tell us how all that arrangement works. thank you.

  • Annie says:

    Hope you guys have a great meeting …can’t wait to hear from the guardians ……..on answering the questions!

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