Lion Guardians find lucky lion Lomunyak!

Yesterday we got a report that Lion Guardian Mokoi had found the signals of Selenkay and Narika, the 2 female lions that are often found with another lioness, beautiful un-collared lion Elikan. We hadn’t seen Selenkay since she was re-collared a few weeks ago and were eager to catch another glimpse of her.

We also wanted to see if these females were with the male lion Lomunyak, who has been moving around between Eselenkei, Olgulului and Mbirikani Group Ranches. We followed the signal, Mokoi tracking all the way.


On the way we came across a herder with his goats, who told us he had heard lions roaring the previous night. Mokoi warned him that there were probably at least 3 lions in the direction of the signal, and that he should make sure he kept a good eye on all his livestock and avoid that area. Finally we came across this beautiful male lion that the Lion Guardians on Eselenkei have named ‘Lomunyak’, meaning ‘Lucky’. He is called ‘Lucky’ because he has escaped 3 Maasai warriors’ lion hunting parties in the past!


Not far away from Lomunyak, Narika, Selenkay and Elikan were relaxing in the shade. They all looked well fed and content! Here is Narika.


We think that at least 2, perhaps all of these females are pregnant with Lomunyak’s cubs. Lion Guardians on Eslenkei have seen him mating with both Selenkay and Elikan. We can’t wait for them to give birth – what a wonderful family this will be, and congratulations to the Lion Guardians for continuing to monitor and protect them!


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