Lion Guardians need sponsorship!

The Lion Guardians program employs 9 Maasai warriors (murrans), whose job it is to protect the remaining wild lions and other carnivores on Mbirikani Group Ranch. They do this by monitoring the movements of carnivores, and by helping their communities, to stop conflicts between humans and carnivores.

They also work with other murrans to prevent further killings. Since the program started the Lion Guardians have actively prevented over ten hunting parties from killing lions. During the same time period, over 20 lions have been killed in surrounding group ranches by murrans. For more information on the work of the Lion Guardians please read the About Lion Guardians page.


We are currently trying to get all of our Lion Guardians sponsored, so that the program can continue to run. The cost of this sponsorship is $95 US a month per Guardian. This pays their wages as well as covering monthly costs such as credit for mobile phones, transportation costs, and the administration and other costs involved in running the project.


Over the coming days, we will be posting a profile of each of our Lion Guardians, in the hope that each will be sponsored. To sponsor one of the Guardians, please add a â??1′ in the Sponsor a Guardian QTY box under â??Donate Monthly’ and click on the â??DONATE MONTHLY’ button. Afterwards you can add a comment about which Guardian you would like to sponsor, if you have a particular one in mind. Ritei and Olubi have already been sponsored, thanks to Richard and Jia.


Even if you can’t afford to sponsor a Guardian there are other things you can do to help us. We are very grateful for any donation you can give to the project and you can also help us by telling everyone you know about the campaign – family, friends and colleagues – maybe even ask your place of work if they are interested in sponsoring one of the Guardians. In return for their support we can add their logo and a link to their site on this blog.

Thank you for your support, and keep returning to the blog to read the profiles of all our Lion Guardians.


  • Annie, Texas says:

    I hope to send a donation soon….Thanks for sharing the information and good luck with this program…I think it is very beneficial!

  • Pauline says:

    Yes, good luck with the campaign. And the figures you give show what a great success the Lion Guardians programme is. I like the new map…and the link to Ndelie’s movements.

  • Rebecca says:

    I hope to be able to sponser a guardian or even two soon, you people are doing an amazing job.

  • Thank you! I really hope we can get these Lion Guardians sponsored, so we can continue with the successes into the future.

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