Lions, bomas, laptops? Thank you!

Thank you for your concern about the ongoing drought here and for your donations over the past few months. We would like to thank Cass N, Brian M, Black C, Richard V, Lois C, Anne C, Loki Q, Diane K, Jessica F, Pirjo I, Sheri H, Katherine J, Samantha V, Scott R, Jace A, Sauwah T, Hashi H and Jide A for their support of the Lion Guardians and their help conserving the wild lions of Maasailand and the other wildlife that is struggling to survive here. Here is a photo of some of the members of our new Tara pride, that you are helping with your donations.


The boma (livestock enclosure) fencing by our voluntary potential Lion Guardians on new ranch Eselenkei is going very well. The Guardians have shown total commitment to their community work. A perfect example is Melita, who selected a boma which needed to be re-built very urgently, as the owner was having problems with his livestock being attacked by predators that were able to get through gaps in his boma.


Amazingly Melita completed the work in one day – a very impressive achievement! Members of the community have quickly embraced boma fencing as a way of preventing human wildlife conflicts.

Speaking of our new Lion Guardians on Eselenkei, we have a request for you. Are you, or is anyone you know getting rid of an old laptop? The new Lion Guardians team are starting to collect data now, and need to enter this into a computer so that we can measure how the project is doing.


The computer would need to be able to run Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), but do nothing more complicated than that! Do you think you can help? If so, please add a comment below! Thank you!


  • Timi says:

    Ouch. I have been pondering whether I should buy a new computer or just try to change a new fan to my old laptop. It stops working as soon as it gets too warm, which is too soon nowadays.

    Is there any special requirements a computer should stand in Masai Mara? Is there lots of dust that can block the fan or cause other trouble? Humidity surely is not a problem there, but what temperatures must the computers be capable to bear?

  • Hi Timi. Thanks for your comment. I think if your computer stops when it gets warm it might not be ideal for us out here! It gets very hot, though I don’t know what the maximum temperature would be. At what temperature does your computer stop working?

  • Timi says:

    I meant the temperature of the machine itself. When I have it on and use it, it heats up and starts doing tricks to me. The room temperature this time of year is higher than I’d like to have it, but probably not too hot for you. For example right now, it is 25C, about the same as outside. I don’t think that should be too much for a computer, so even if I give the laptop away, it still needs a new fan.

    I was juts curious to know how much local conditions impact the use of computers. Have you ever had a situation that computers do not work because of heat?

  • Sheri Hogle says:

    How much would it cost for a new fan?
    Sheri in Utah

  • Anne C says:

    Hey, I’ve got one I can donate. I’d need a day or two to clean up some files on it and get it ready to send. But it’s got Windows XP Pro, Office, etc. It’s a little heavier than some of the newer models and is a few years old, but it’s a pretty nice one I think with a decent amount of hard drive space. It’s an HP Pavillion I believe (I’m not looking at it at the moment) that I’ve never had any trouble with.

  • How fantastic Anne, thank you! We have sent you an email to discuss how we may get our hands on it! Thank you!

    Timi- I have had no problems with computers overheating. But dust is certainly an issue here!

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