Liz joins Lion Guardians

Thank you to everyone for their fantastic comments on the previous blog – Antony is back! Your encouragement and support is as always greatly appreciated. We would also like to welcome another new face to the Lion Guardians project. Liz Carabine has joined the ever growing Lion Guardians team to manage the project as well as to provide additional project development support.

 Liz Carabine Lion Guardians

Liz has a BSc in Biology from University College London and an MSc in Ecological Management from Imperial Colleg,e and has worked as a consultant specialising in environmental assessment of land management plans. She also has plenty of experience carrying out conservation work in East Africa including facilitation of a Wildlife Management Area adjacent to Katavi National Park, capacity building for a community based organisation in Tanzania and exploring herbivore dynamics in the group ranches of the Maasai Mara.

Liz is a great addition to the Lion Guardians team, and her experience and skills will help the project continue with its successful community lion conservation work, and push the project forward and into new areas that are still experiencing serious conflicts with wildlife.

Welcome to the project Liz!!


  • Valerie Warburton says:

    Well the Lion Guardians are coming along nicely. With Antony on board and now Liz, I can honestly say that the Lion Guardians have some top notch people that will make the task of saving lions much easier Good luck guys I love you and be safe.


  • Ratik says:

    one Great step by Lions Guradians!….we are very proud of you,Welcome,Miss Liz….feel at home!

  • Brittany says:

    Dear Amy and Philip,
    Thank-you for visiting my school.I enjoyed your talk very much and I’m tempted to go to Kenya myself!
    I am glad you liked my picture and I read the letter you sent to our school. I have been practising drawing at school different wild animals like elephants and zebras so I can send you another picture. I don’t understand why the Maasai people put thrones in their ears,dosen’t it hurt them? (They look very beautiful in the photograghs though.)
    I read your whole website,once I started I couldn’t stop,it was so interesting! I also read about the lion killing the baby giraffe. I neally cried and then
    understood why the villagers get angry when it happens to their cattle.
    But I love lions and could never bring myself to dislike them.Then I also remembered how they have to find and kill their own food,while we just get ours ready from the supermarket! If I go to Kenya I’II tell the people until their ears swell : SAVE THE LIONS,DON’T LET THEM DIE OUT BECAUSE THEIR SUCH GORGEOUS CREATURES!!! I wish I could be there
    helping you!Hope to see you again before I leave Westbury House in June and go to Secondary School, but I’II still read your website.

    Yours Sincerely,


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