Meet our oldest Lion Guardian, Mokoi

Mokoi is the only Lion Guardian who is not a murran. He is in the junior elders age class, known as Ilkidotu; the age level above murrans. He was chosen for his position as a Lion Guardian due to his exceptional hard work – he volunteered for more than six months before he was given a job!


Listen to Mokoi talking about being a Lion Guardian:

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Mokoi is always ready to learn new things despite his lack of schooling. He is also a great leader. He likes to guide his younger colleagues, and is so enthusiastic that during tracking he always picks up the receiver first, before anybody else has a chance to place a hand on it!


Mokoi is dedicated to helping his community. He always attends local meetings to address issues concerning wildlife and better husbandry, and passes on his knowledge about good livestock husbandry to his community.


Mokoi has no lion name despite the fact that he participated in different lion hunts during his time as a murran. This is because he was never the first person to spear a lion.

He is married to two wives and has six children. Here he is with one of his young children.


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  • Annie says:

    So nice to meet you Mokoi……how awesome it is that you are trying to spread the word about the lions! Keep up the wonderful work! Thanks for working so hard!

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